Crater Name  Location  Latitude  Longitude  Diameter (km)  Age (Ma)  Exposed  Drilled  Target Rock**  Bolide Type***
 Henbury  Northern Territory  S 24° 34'  E 133° 8'  0.15  0.0042 ± 0.0019  Y  N  S  IIIAB

1. Aerial Photograph

2. Photograph of main crater - 182 m from the camera to the far side and 18 metres deep (courtesy of David McKinnon)

3. Photograph of the main crater from the other side (courtesy of David McKinnon)

4. Photograph of one of the small Henbury craters - approximately 30m across and 8m deep (courtesy of David McKinnon)

5. DEM image Provided by Dr. Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho

6 & 7. Image Provided by Dr. Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho


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* pre-1977 K-Ar, Ar-Ar and Rb-Sr ages recalculated using the decay constants of Steiger and Jager (1977) Ages in millions of years (Ma) before present.

** Abbreviations: C - Crystalline Target; C-Ms - Metasedimentary Target; M - Mixed Target (i.e.sedimentary strata overlying crystalline basement); S - sedimentary target (i.e. no crystalline rocks affected by the impact event). From Osinski. G. R., Spray J. G., and Grieve R. A. F. 2007. Impact melting in sedimentary target rocks: A synthesis. In The Sedimentary Record of Meteorite Impacts, Geological Society of America Special Paper. Editors: Evans K. Horton W., King D., Morrow J., and Warme J. Geological Society of America: Boulder, in press.

***From Koeberl,C. Identification of meteoritic components in impactites. 1998, Koeberl, C. The Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry of Impacts. 2007 and PASSC Files. (IAB, IIIAB, IIIB, IIID - Iron Meteorite)